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Homeowner’s Electrical Responsibilities You Should Never Ignore.

Homeowners Electrical ResponsibilitiesWhether the issue is large or small, problems with electricity are often ignored until they become obvious. It’s easy to avoid thinking about problems that can occur in our appliances, circuit breakers, wall outlets and even light bulbs. But often, ignoring issues while they are small leads to larger problems and the necessity for the help of an electrician.

Here are some things to look for and how to know when to call for help:

Burnt Bulbs
After a light bulb burns out, it’s tempting to want to replace the bulb with one of higher wattage, but that isn’t always a bright idea. Putting a light bulb with too much wattage in a lamp or light fixture that is not equipped to handle it can lead to the fixture becoming “cooked”. It can also “cook” the walls or ceilings nearby.

Dimming Lights
Your home’s electrical system could be faulty or overloaded if you notice that your lights tend to dim when a larger appliance is turned on (like the dryer). This could indicate a very serious problem within the walls and wires of your home. To avoid a potential fire hazard, contact a licensed electrician immediately.

A poor connection along an electrical circuit can be indicated by the presence of a faulty outlet. If you plug something into one outlet and it doesn’t work, it could need a simple replacement. However, if you plug something into several outlets that aren’t working, this will require the help of an electrician.

Hazardous Appliances
Did you know that 64% of the electricity used in your home is used by your appliances? Your refrigerator, dryer, microwave, and stove (among other appliances) account for the majority of your home’s electrical usage. A faulty or exposed wire leading to the appliance can cause extreme electrical shock or even an electrical fire. Make it a habit to check the condition of your home’s electrical appliances and to unplug them when not in use. This will also save you money on your energy bill.

Older Homes
If you have purchased a home built prior to 1960, it is highly likely that your home’s electrical system is made up of aluminum wiring. This wiring is not up to code and needs to be inspected by a licensed electrician for safety.

Safety First
Always remember to never play around with electricity. When in doubt (no matter how seemingly small the problem may be), contact the electrical experts at John's Electric. Your safety and peace of mind are of utmost importance.


Homeowner electrical responsibilities

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